PDFs of Blank Pages

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PDFs of Blank Pages

Post by myerlee » 04 Oct 2016, 18:01

Am trying to figure out why Quark tries to make PDF from blank pages even though the "Include Blank Pages" box is not checked.
Page 3 is a blank page. Sometimes have 2 or 3 blank ones.
I get this error notice for each blank page.

Unable to create the “/Users/leemyer/Desktop/*2016 Template (Page 03).pdf” file.

PDF freezes until I click OK.
I click OK and it goes away. PDFs are fine for pages with content.
Does this for files created in 9.x or with Yosemite. bothersome, never did this in 9.2 Snow Leopard.
ONLY does this if I check "Export pages as separate PDFs" If not checked it does not try to make PDF of blank pages.
Any Ideas?
ps - I have blank pages because I like to scroll the last page up higher on my screen and/or other versions I slide of the edge if not creating PDF.


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