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Posted: 06 Feb 2017, 07:18
by cardoni1969
Hello, I downloaded a trial version of the QUARK XPRESS 2016 program (I have previous versions and I wanted to try it and test it before buying) and I noticed a BUG in the program will explain below: If I make a window with a shade and then over I make another window with an external sHADOW it happens that the shadow is not slip with respect to the gradient but remains a box around to generate the PDF (then printing is very bad to see) I await your instructions about. Thank you

Re: Information

Posted: 06 Feb 2017, 11:44
by MikeWenzloff
I am unclear about what you are doing for the test. Have you tried exporting using say PDF/X-4 or modify a PDF profile that allows transparency and set transparency to Native Transparency?