Suppressed layers are exporting to PNG

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Suppressed layers are exporting to PNG

Post by longtimeuser » 11 Dec 2020, 14:11

QuarkXPress 2016, El Capitan 10.11.6

I started producing on-screen graphics for a TV station recently. The station requires 72ppi PNG files (!!!) as input for its equipment, so I've been using

72 ppi
Transparent Background checked or unchecked (doesn't matter for my purposes)

to create the images. The station adds a couple of logos over my images, so I need to know where those are while I'm creating pages, but they can't appear in my output because an inexact match in position would be disastrous on screen.

I set up a nonprinting layer with the logos on it, and also suppressed output on the logo boxes themselves, and all was as I expected (suppressed items didn't show up in the output) in the draft PDFs and paper prints I used for proofing. Imagine my horror when the station told me that the first batch of PNG files I sent them contained the logos. I suppose I should have checked, but why would they export when they were suppressed — twice, just to make sure?

QuarkXPress 2016 is exporting the suppressed layer, and the content of the suppressed boxes, regardless of combinations of settings — if I unsuppress the layer and keep the boxes suppressed they still end up in the exported PNGs, and if I unsuppress the boxes and suppress the layer they still end up in the exported PNGs. PDFs and prints do not contain the suppressed items. I created a new test file to be sure it wasn't something wonky with the files I had been working with, and QuarkXPress consistently exported the suppressed items.

Anybody know what I can do about this? Including suppressed items in the output can't be the way it's supposed to work. I've searched around and haven't been able to find anything regarding it being a known bug, or any discussion of it at all for that matter. This is my first time exporting PNG files from QuarkXPress.

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