August 2018 Release Notification for Quark Author

Quark Author is Web-based content creation software that integrates with Quark Publishing Platform. Ask questions around configuration, integration and usage.
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August 2018 Release Notification for Quark Author

Post by jaiken » 17 Aug 2018, 17:07

Celebrate the harvest season with our August 2018 enterprise update coming soon! Active enterprise customers and partners can already access the pre-release.

Consistent with our ongoing obsession to respond to our customers' requests for new features and fixes, this enterprise product release brings about some advances to usability and output accessibility. 

We are also proud to announce a brand new toolkit focused on accelerating speed to value:
  • Smart Content Designer - this first release helps designers apply styles to enterprise publishing templates using the world-class layout power of QuarkXPress. Define new styles for enterprise document models, preview results, and drive new capabilities for personalization using metadata conditions.
  • Smart Content Builder - this public beta version allows information architects to rapidly build new content types in Quark Publishing Platform. Build new models with a user interface and enjoy the benefits of Smart Content, all without needing to know XML schema syntax.
The Smart Content Toolkit provides a UI-driven approach to tasks which used to require code development. The new tools reduce the need for developer skill sets by simplifying content modeling and stylesheet development. This helps increase project velocity. Quark CTO Dave White says "the new Smart Content Toolkit accelerates the path to results by a time-order of magnitude: what used to take months can be done in a week, what used to take weeks can be done in days, and what used to take days can be done in hours."

See below for additional features which enhance business users' ability to efficiently collaborate on content production and quality in Quark Author. 

For more detail, please review our documentation to learn all about this exciting update!

Quark Author Web Edition
  • Proofing tools - produce better quality content in over 48 languages using an all-new, high-performing spell checker and grammar checker which boosts authoring efficiency and provides greater control at no additional cost
  • Tokenization framework - add rich authoring experiences for semantic tagging, cognitive recommender services, and more leveraging a new extensibility framework
  • Collaboration enhancements - we gathered feedback from everyday users to provide a better overall user experience for teams producing content:
    • Righthand Changes and Foot Notes panes auto-scroll to match the canvas cursor position
    • Comments in the canvas can be shown or hidden
    • Comments can be navigated using Previous/Next buttons
    • New comments appear in context in the Changes pane
    • Clicking in any comment, tracked change, or reference note will auto-select the appropriate item in the Changes or Foot Notes pane when the associated pane is visible
    • Accepting/rejecting changes now includes an option under the Review tab to automatically move to the next change
    • Configuration options help minimize time/date information in comment tool tips
  • Usability enhancements - we took time to further improve the authoring experience based on customer feedback:
    • Added support for copy/paste of reference note and metadata content across multiple documents visible in separate tabs of the same Web browser
    • Made it easier to add new values to domain attributes at check-in or via the Properties pane
    • Added a configuration option to hide all region types in the paragraph combo box (visible by default)

How to learn more?
For a complete breakdown of what’s new in this release or for any other questions, please contact your support representative by visiting

See our full documentation set, available here:

We'd love to hear your feedback. Please start a conversation here on our Enterprise forums!

Jason Aiken
Sr. Product Manager, Quark Enterprise Solutions

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