Page elements moving after 2021 upgrade

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Andy Dowse
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Page elements moving after 2021 upgrade

Post by Andy Dowse » 21 Jul 2021, 04:49

We recently upgraded to QuarkXPress 2021 and in our first digital publication project since the upgrade we have experienced text boxes and graphics being moved to a different place on the page after exporting to HTML5.

This is a problem we never experienced with previous versions.

An element that was at the top of a page can end up near the bottom when we view the publication in the browser, so the movements are quite big.

The problem seems to be occassional and random.

We're hoping there is a fix on the way from QuarkXPress.

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Re: Page elements moving after 2021 upgrade

Post by srmareedu » 22 Jul 2021, 04:05

Hi Andy,
Can you please send problematic Project CFO to will analyze this issue. kindly share the screen shots for representing actual problem.


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