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Page Breaks

Posted: 03 Feb 2017, 23:19
by saratogacoach
Is it possible to create a page break above a new paragraph style that I added, called Heading1? This is a multi-page flow text document with a single master.

I am using Heading1 (larger font, bold type) to begin and label each new section, and, if possible would like to page break before each Heading1 to delineate each new section in a flow.

In other words would like Heading1, where it is used, to always start a new section on a new page and be at the top of that page, if this is possible.

Re: Page Breaks

Posted: 04 Feb 2017, 09:11
by saratogacoach
Solved: enter key on Windows computer numeric keypad. (Was trying with keyboard's other enter key.)