Using HTML5 Publications without cookies

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Using HTML5 Publications without cookies

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 15 Jun 2017, 03:59

In a different forum some users have asked us whether it is possible to see HTML5 Publications without accepting cookies.

Though HTML5 Publications use cookies only for saving certain user states and authentication. The cookies expire after a month, some people would like HTML5 Publications to work without any cookie.

Yes, that's possible.

Here's how:
1) Open file "reader-config.json" with a Text Editor
2) In there change the two lines to the red entries:
"app": {
"title" : "App Studio",
"auth": {
"authToken": "ASauth",
"authRoot": "",
"authProxy" : " ... -code.html",
"level": "",
"launchLogin": false,
"publicationCode" : ""

"loading": {
"image": "webreader/images/loading-logo.png",
"params": {
"loglevel": -1
"enableCookies": false,
"enablePromoted": true,
"enableExternal": true,
"mobileOnly": false,
"banner" : {
"enabled" : false,
"source" : "user-content/",
"height" : 250
3) Save.


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