Tabbing through entries in Measurements...

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Tabbing through entries in Measurements...

Post by PrintingServices » 06 Nov 2020, 09:28

Hi all
This has just started happening – when I am entering figures in the Measurements window (for example, setting paragraph indents), and I tab between the items to quickly select entries to alter, tabbing from the entry now selects the up/down arrow (so that I can just press up/down arrow keys to change the settings).
Previously (and I mean, the four years I've been using QXP2016 and the 24-odd years I've been using Quark previously), when I tab between entries, it would just select the numerical entry, not select the up/down arrow as well.
Therefore, I knew that, in the Paragraph settings, I could press Tab five times to get from 'Left Indent' to 'First Line Indent'.
Now, I have to tab TEN times between these items!

Have I accidentally leant on the keyboard and activated something?
It's bloomin' annoying and slowing me down massively, whatever it is!

Anyone know what's causing it??


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