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Joe Swib
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Preview resolution QXP 2016

Post by Joe Swib » 15 Mar 2017, 06:14

Hi all,

We're having problems the speed of our Quark and we're trying to diagnose whether there is a problem with our network or if it is a problem with the software. We have used the software as an agency for a very long time, but have only very recently upgraded from Quark 2008 to 2016 and it has come with it's teething problems. In the preferences of the old software there was a feature that allowed you to only view images in your project at a low resolution, however this feature seems to have vanished with the updated version.

Does anyone know how to change it from full resolution photos to a low res preview - I think this will help us a lot. The programme grinds to a holt when we are working on image intensive artwork.


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Re: Preview resolution QXP 2016

Post by MikeWenzloff » 16 Mar 2017, 23:23

They removed that preference with version 10 and introduced the new rendering engine. And in version 10 it was, well, painful for some work. There was great improvement in version 2015. In v. 2016, it is nearly as smooth and fast on even my laptop as version 9 is with previews set to low-res. There are some publications that depending upon the weight of individual imported assets can feel a bit sluggish.

But I also work on my local machines. If you are working across a network, that likely can affect the speed, at least with an initial run-through on a publication that doesn't have the cache built yet. Dunno.

Even though I am not experiencing much of an issue, I too wish Q would put that option back in.


Ramesh Yella
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Re: Preview resolution QXP 2016

Post by Ramesh Yella » 17 Mar 2017, 09:39

Hello Joe,

As Mike mentioned, we have introduced new Graphics engine in QuarkXPress from version 10. QuarkXPress no longer generates rasterized low resolution RGB previews for both raster and vector graphics. Also, QuarkXPress uses full power of 64-bit hardware/OS and multi-processing capabilities to give you rich previews with as smooth or fast as 9.x or before. it does generate cache initially, based your hardware there can some lag but it should not interfere with layout operations.

if you are experiencing issues, please share your hardware details and sample projects (with images) so that we at Quark can investigate further. You can drop me an email at if the files are large (as I would imagine), please share via dropbox or similar. Alternately, please let me know I can provide an alternate location to share files.

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Jiri Melnicky
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Re: Preview resolution QXP 2016

Post by Jiri Melnicky » 04 Apr 2017, 13:35

High-resolution previews slows Quark especially when scrolling mouse. Simple trick to accelerate scrolling between pages: press "Alt" key ("Option" - Mac).
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