Tranparency and prf

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Tranparency and prf

Post by voulastaur » 05 Dec 2017, 07:04

hello guys ,
I noticed a problem when i closed a QX layout to pdf x1a. In my layout i have put drop shadow at png files and i have put tranparency at color box so that it can overview the background picture.
Well, when i close to pdfx1a press quality high, it don't give me the oportunity to check "export transparency natively" and when i check flatten transparency the png files become with a white background and not with the drop shadow.
So i have to export pdf without pdfx1a, but the printer factory wont pdfx1a what we do for that problem?

And please help me how i put picture to the topics here??

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Matthias Guenther (Quark)
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Re: Tranparency and prf

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 05 Dec 2017, 10:10

Hi Voulastaur,

As a PDF/X-1a is not allowed to have native transparency, the option is not available.
If you choose PDF/X-4, you can select the option.

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