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Suitcase font auto activation

Posted: 18 Feb 2019, 08:43
by PrintingServices
Hi there

After suffering the s---l---o---w---e---s---t file save and opening times I have ever experienced during the past couple of years of using Quark 2016 (I mean, minutes for a simple 36-page booklet to open and re-save! I had a Powermac 7500 23 years ago that was faster!), I have finally had the time to see what could be causing it.

I have tied it down to the Extensis Suitcase font auto-activation Xtension.
I turned this off and Whhheeeeee! Saves are now seconds instead of minutes!

The downside is that every time I open a new document, of course I have to activate fonts myself.

Can anyone recommend a good FREE alternative font manager with Quark auto activation? (It has to be free because I'm not allowed to buy any new Mac equipment or software at the moment! Company Politics!)

Thanks in advance!