Fonts and Font utilities migrating to Quark 2020 from 2016

Discuss fonts and font usage in QuarkXPress workflows on MacOS® and Windows® in QuarkXPress 2015, 2016 & 2017.
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Fonts and Font utilities migrating to Quark 2020 from 2016

Post by cb3 » 10 Sep 2020, 14:10

We are about to migrate from Quark 2016 to 2020. All Macs. Currently using Suitcase Fusion.

1. I understand Quark 2020 does not need a font utility to open and close fonts? How does this work?

2. Recommendations for a font utility for all the other graphic apps we have that will play nice with Quark 2020?

Thank you for your help,


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Re: Fonts and Font utilities migrating to Quark 2020 from 2016

Post by MikeWenzloff » 10 Sep 2020, 18:11

Hello Chris--I use a PC so cannot help concerning font utilities...other than to say that if you do not have to use Suitcase Fusion's auto-activation, just remove the xtension (or do not install it for the Q2020 install) and activate manually/sets/etc.

One aspect of he new auto-activation feature in Q2020 is like InDesign's document fonts folder. That is, if there is a folder named Fonts located in a project's document folder, and that folder contains the projewct's fonts, then QXP will attempt to auto-activate them.

Another aspect is, also like Adobe applications, there can be a special folder that contains many fonts and if there is no folder in a project's folder named Fonts, QXP will then look to that special folder for the fonts. I don't remember the exact details, but I believe this special folder is inside a user's profile. I would need to look up this aspects details to be more sure.

Yet another aspect is one can add a path & folder to Preferences for QXP to look for fonts and if the fonts are there, then it will activate them. However, I tried this when Q2020 first came out, pointing it to a folder of roughly 10k fonts. I likely won't try that again unless I hear that Quark caches and indexes them (like a font utility) as it was bogging Q down.

I still use a font manager and manually activate fonts (usually groups/sets) with one exception. Now when a project is archived, the projects fonts are also archived and I no longer need to hunt and peck to activate the fonts.


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