how to set fold lines?

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how to set fold lines?

Post by kazu » 12 Aug 2017, 04:19

If I do an 8-page folder, I have different page sizes: 100, 98, 96 + 94 mm (example). QuarkXPress does not allow different page sizes. So I need to create the document as a 2-page, 100 + 98 + 96 + 94 = 388 mm; – right? After that I have to set the guides manually, because I don’t have really single 100 + 98 + 96 + 94 pages in QuarkXPress with a possibility of one margin for each site. It takes a lot of time to build the layout (the second page needs to be mirrored (guides etc.). And I need a calculator ;-)

But now to my question:
How do I set the fold lines, that the printing company knows where they has to fold the document? I hope there is a professional solution, a fold line guide or something like that?

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Re: how to set fold lines?

Post by MikeWenzloff » 12 Aug 2017, 11:51

I've never added fold lines to a document in any application. I've always just communicated where the folds are in whatever units they require.

It takes less than a minute to set the guides using the guides palette.

But yes, if the final cut size before folding is 388 mm, that would be the page width for a horizontal brochure or the like. You can skip the final guide, though as the third guide leaves the 94 mm.

To quickly add the guides in the proper place without using a calculator, you can use simple math expressions when adding a guide.

So for instance, add the first guide at the 100 mm. Now add one at 198 mm. But for the last one, you can use the expression of:
100 + 98 + 96 and it will add it in the same place as if you used 294 mm.

I need to also add the mm after each number as my default is inches. So that's another point is that you can have a certain unit of measurement as the default and override it when entering any value to an entry field.


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Re: how to set fold lines?

Post by UtahLlama » 14 Aug 2017, 14:32

We have a special spot colour called CUTTER. If you were sending print to us you simply draw your fold lines on top of the content. As long as you overprint the spot colour, any printer should be able to either delete it or not print the separation, but still use it for proofing. I suggest you talk to your Printer to see if they have something similar. ( in our case, our pdf workflow will auto reset anything CUTTER to overprint, so you don't have to bother)
Another method commonly used is to draw your fold lines in Registration with co-ordinates ending at -10 Y, then cover them up with a White rectangle 3mm bigger than the document size and send the whole lot to the back. Make your pdf have a bit more bleed than usual and the printer can use these as a guide.

Also another tip is that a normal DL 8pp Roll Fold would normally have panel sizes of 95-97-99-99 with the front cover on the right. :D

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