QuarkXpress for writing novels?

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Re: QuarkXpress for writing novels?

Post by LyleM » 14 Sep 2017, 23:09

I feel your pain, I just finished a 270 page book using Q2017 as my first project with Quark. I too jumped into the deep end and am trying to learn to swim.

While I agree that you almost think the developers don't really want you to learn the program and go out of their way to make it as complicated as possible. I originally used Quark 15-20 years ago and it hasn't gotten a lot easier.

Having said all that, if you stick to it, Quark will become easier. To me a lot of the problem is that the people using the software have been using it for 10 years and have forgotten all of the head banging that they experienced learning the software. I've bought every book I can find and no body talks about writing a novel with Quark. Now you don't want to write your novel in quark only lay it out. Use Word or LibreOffice and create the verbiage then import that into your Quark document.

I wrote my novel, finished it, and then scrapped it and wrote it again after learning all the things not to do. Quark is not a simple program to learn. Once you learn it, it starts to make sense but there will be a lot of pain involved and I'm a computer professional.

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Re: QuarkXpress for writing novels?

Post by shaun » 18 Sep 2017, 02:57

I too have Word and use it for most bits of writing, but I have also written leaflets and booklets in Quark and found it suitable (I started with Quark 3 ...) because of its typesetting abilities. Several mathematical booklets (for school) required superscripts and subscripts, for example, and importing small diagrams. I also had some old typewritten (carbon copies) from the fifties which I first scanned, imported the resulting (rather messy) text into Quark, and then tidied and rearranged into chapters etc.
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