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Unable to change Master Pages

Posted: 10 Sep 2017, 13:41
by LyleM
I have a project with 3 Master pages defined. If I go to the Page Layout pane and left click on the page icon that I want to change, hold down the Alt key and click on the selected Master Page, it does not always change the Master Page. The page icon in the Page Layout list will show the correct letter (A, B, or C) but the actual page display doesn't change?

Is there a lock on the selected Master Page that I've somehow selected or any suggestions on how to force the Master Page to change?

In my case, I have 3 Master Pages, A - The Chapter start, B - secondary pages after the initial chapter page, and C - for blank pages without any page numbers to be used to push the next chapter to start on the right when necessary. It works 90% of the time but sometimes I can't change the Master Page. Eventually, I'll edit another part of the manuscript and finally will be able to correct the Master Page but can't see anything I'm doing wrong?

Re: Unable to change Master Pages

Posted: 11 Sep 2017, 10:55
by MikeWenzloff
Hello Lyle,

I cannot seem to replicate this issue. Would it be possible to upload a sample project this happens to? If the ZIP file doesn't fit the size requirements here, you would need to upload to or the like and provide a download link.

Thank you, Mike

Re: Unable to change Master Pages

Posted: 14 Sep 2017, 14:22
by LyleM

Thanks for all your helpful suggestions. My book is ~250 pages and a little unwieldy to send. I still haven't given up on figuring out what I've done wrong.

I learned Quark about 15-20 years ago and never experienced the issues I've had trying to relearn the new version. This version seems to tie the files together and that has been a learning experience. I didn't realize that copying a file doesn't seem to break the links with an existing project and some of that may be contributing to my issues.

I've jumped right in trying to create a book and probably should have started with something simpler but needed the book to complete a project. I've bought virtually every book I can find on Quark and there is little that I can find on things that are peculiar to managing a multi-chapter book.