Catalog data import – Katalog Datenübernahme

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Catalog data import – Katalog Datenübernahme

Post by kazu » 21 Oct 2017, 09:57

Ich habe in der Vergangenheit Veranstaltungskataloge für den Offsetdruck mit ID gesetzt, möchte es nun als Buch mit QXP 2017 fortsetzen.

Der vorhandene Katalog besteht aus 6 Kapiteln, welche jeweils mit vielen Veranstaltungen, die auf Textbasis (Character- and Paragraph-Styles) basieren, gefüllt sind. Jede Kategorie hat ein einleitendes dynamisches TOC, ein vollständiges TOC aller Kapitel befindet sich als Kapitel am Anfang des Kataloges.

Texte werden als strukturierte Daten in Form von XLS, CSV oder XML geliefert. Was wäre das richtige Dateiformat für QXP?

In ID habe ich die Daten (CSV) per Script eingelesen, die Styles wurden dabei übergeben, so das ein Kapitel in wenigen Minuten voll formatiert zur Nachbearbeitung (Seitenumbrüche u. a.) zur Verfügung stand.

QXP unterstützt leider kein JavaScript. Welche Möglichkeit habe ich, um strukturierte Daten wie zuvor angegeben zu importieren?

In the past I have set event catalogs for offset printing with ID, and now I would like to continue it as a book with QXP 2017.

The existing catalog consists of 6 chapters, which are filled with many text-based events (character and paragraph styles). Each chapter has an introductory dynamic TOC, a complete TOC of all chapters is available as a chapter at the beginning of the catalog.

Texts are delivered as structured data in form of XLS, CSV or XML. What would be the best file format for QXP?

In ID, I have the data (CSV) per script, the styles were handed over, so that a chapter in a few minutes fully formatted for post processing (pagebreaks, etc.) was available.

QXP does not support JavaScript. What is the possibility to import structured data as specified above?

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Re: Catalog data import – Katalog Datenübernahme

Post by MikeWenzloff » 21 Oct 2017, 10:26

XML is currently not an option in recent versions of QXP. It was removed with version 10. QXP also doesn't have a native means of importing CSV files.

I use an XTension for CSV files from Em Data...I also used the version for ID as well. ID's native merge never really was meant to merge for books, though I also have used it to aid someone on the ID forum. I cannot recommend Em Data's data merge and their Tagged Text XTensions highly enough.

However, like in ID, QuarkXPress also has its own tagged text import and depending upon the data, that may well be sufficient. What I like about Em Data's Tagged Text XTension for either Q or ID, though, is that it is less verbose.

Most of what I bring into Q (and ID) these days are tagged text. I have a spreadsheet I use with formulas to create the tagged text when I have to rely on a spreadsheet for the data. It's reasonably easy to create. Most of the data I get as tagged text comes from databases, though. These use to be exported as XML, but I have really enjoyed using tagged text instead. But it does have some limitations compared to XML unless one is savvy with how to format the export (but the same applies to XML export from a database, too).

Without seeing a snippet of the XML, I cannot say for certain, but it also is possible to write an XSLT to transform XML into tagged text. But again, depending upon the XML.

I also use Windows. If you are on a Mac, there is AppleScript available. Because I cannot use AppleScripting, I don't know how well it would work for data importing.

I would be happy to help find a solution with you. What I would need would be a sample Excel file, perhaps the same data in an XML format, and also a PDF of how it should appear once imported. If this is something you would want/need help with, consider ZIPPING up the requested sample data/PDF and PM me a download link or your email address and we could go from there.

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