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FAQ of IDML Import in QuarkXPress 2017

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 18 Jan 2018, 17:13

FAQ of IDML Import (beta) in QuarkXPress 2017 January 2018 Update
Q: What's the idea behind the IDML Import?
A: We see more and more designers and layout artists switching to QuarkXPress. And existing users of QuarkXPress sometimes get layouts created in InDesign. They have the need to open InDesign layouts in QuarkXPress.

Q: QuarkXPress could already import elements and layouts from InDesign, either by copying out of InDesign and pasting into QuarkXPress. or by importing a PDF and converting it into native objects. What's the advantage of IDML Import?
A: Pasting as native objects or converting to native objects works great, however has one big limitation: Only elements contained in the PDF can be converted. A PDF e.g. does not contain style sheet names or master pages. IDML Import converts also style sheet names and master pages.

Q: What does "Public beta" mean?
A: "Beta" means that the functionality is not finished yet and that some things are not yet working like they should. "Public" means that everybody can try it, though it is not 100% completed yet.

Q: What's the idea behind a public beta?
A: IDML Import already works quite well for the items that it handles. We are looking for feedback and more sample IDML files to perfection the import and find out areas that we still need to improve.

Q: As IDML Import is part of the "January Update 2018" for QuarkXPress 2017 (13.2), does that mean that this QuarkXPress version is a beta?
A: All of QuarkXPress 2017 January 2018 Update is ready for production; and we strongly recommend all users of QuarkXPress 2017 to install it, as it further increases quality and stability of QuarkXPress 2017.
Solely the IDML Import feature is beta quality. If you do not like to use beta software, just don't use the IDML Import and you are fine.

Q: Did Quark develop the IDML Import technology or is this a bundled 3rd party software?
A: IDML Import is a new development by Quark.

Q: Does IDML Import also open the binary file format of InDesign (.INDD files)?
A: No; and there are no plans for an INDD import.

Q: How do I (or my client or colleague) create an IDML file out of InDesign?
A: In InDesign, choose File > Save As; and pick the format "IDML" there.

Q: Will IDML Import work with all versions of InDesign?
A: Adobe introduced IDML in InDesign CS4 in October 2008. It is also present in CS5.x, CS6 and all versions of InDesign CC.
IDML Import in QuarkXPress will import IDML files saved from InDesign CS5, CS5.5, CS6 & CC.

Q: Why does QuarkXPress not import IDML files saved from InDesign CS4?
A: Our research shows that Adobe seemed to have changed the IDML format between CS4 and CS5. Also IDML files sent from customers seem to confirm that. Therefore currently QuarkXPress cannot import IDML files from CS4. Please resave the IDML file using InDesign CS5, CS5.5, CS6 or any CC version of InDesign.

Q: Will IDML Import cost something?
A: The Public Beta of IDML Import is part of QuarkXPress 2017, so it is free of charge for users of QuarkXPress 2017. We are not planning to release the IDML Import for QuarkXPress 2016 or earlier.

Q: When will the final version of IDML Import be released?
A: That has not been decided and depends very much on feedback received. We expect it to be final later in 2018.

Q: Is IDML Import available for QuarkXPress on MacOS and Windows?
A: Yes, it's available on both platforms.

Q: Can I try IDML Import without buying QuarkXPress?
A: Yes, IDML Import is available in the Trial Version of QuarkXPress 2017.

Q: What are its current limitations?
A: In its initial release on January 23, 2018, IDML Import has the limitations listed here: viewtopic.php?f=62&t=29781

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