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Type 1 Fonts Problems

Posted: 25 Jan 2018, 09:49
by PhilipTobias
Hi, all.

Yesterday after installing the QuarkXPress 2017 13.2.1 update, as well as the macOS 10.12.6 security update, I noticed that Postscript Type 1 fonts are no longer working properly in QuarkXPress.

The Type 1 fonts are listed and preview correctly in the QuarkXPress Measurements Palette, but only the same wrong character displays repeatedly in a Quark text box. This occurs with all the Type 1 fonts I have tried, so it is not just an issue with one goofy font.

The fonts are managed by the current FontExplorer X Pro 6.0.3 and work fine in all my other publishing apps, such as Adobe InDesign.

To remedy this problem, so far I have tried running Quark's Cache Cleaner, as well as using FontExplorer X Pro's built-in application cache cleaner, followed by a computer restart. Neither helped.

Any other ideas? Anyone else having this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Type 1 Fonts Problems

Posted: 25 Jan 2018, 16:51
by Matthias Guenther (Quark)
Hi PT,

I have the exact same combination just without FEX.

Can you please disable Font Explorer XT in QuarkXPress, add a Type-1 font to FontBook and then try?

If that works, then you should ask MonoType for help please.
If not, then we need to analyze the fonts.


Re: Type 1 Fonts Problems

Posted: 26 Jan 2018, 12:25
by PhilipTobias

Your suggested workaround of using FontBook to add a Type 1 font seemed to work. When I relaunched QuarkXPress, the new font displayed on-screen correctly when entered into a new text box.

Disabling the FontExplorer X Pro extension using your Xtensions Manager, and then restarting QuarkXPress, did not help. The previously installed Type 1 fonts, while still listed and displaying correctly in the Measurements Palette, did not display correctly in a text box.

I will alert MonoType to this problem. Until a fix arrives, I can use your workaround when older Type 1 fonts are needed.