How to batch-export multiple quark files to a single pdf?

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How to batch-export multiple quark files to a single pdf?

Post by omji » 26 Apr 2018, 18:47

can anyone kindly help me on this?
my book has 18 chapters, each chapter has its own quarkxpress file.

normally i save each chapter as a pdf, then using adobe acrobat i combine the 18 pdf files into a single pdf. can't this be done directly from within quark, if not is there an app that could streamline such an operation? macos high sierra

thanks folks!

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Re: How to batch-export multiple quark files to a single pdf

Post by MikeWenzloff » 26 Apr 2018, 19:31


From the File | New menu, create a Book file. A dialog will then open for which you can add the chapters. Once all the QXP files are added that you desire, make sure no chapter is selected and click on the PDF button at the upper right. If you have any chapters selected, that is the only chapter that will hit the PDF.

If you have the same styles in the various chapters but have changed any of the definitions from one chapter to another, make sure you do not Synchronize the chapters as you will end up with unexpected results. Also make sure that you have started any page numbering in the individual chapters properly else there may be gaps/overlaps in the numbering...but if you are currently doing this combination manually, then you likely have done this if page numbering is in the Q files.


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