Lock table row height?

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Lock table row height?

Post by nanaotech22 » 02 Jul 2018, 14:39

I could swear a few years back before the quark format menus where changed from the older pop-up window, that I could lock individual table row heights...but I cannot find this option anywhere? Was that just a dream...or has it been removed...or is it there??

I'm producing a calendar and would like to be able to lock overall table geometry as we can now...and be able to drag certain row heights up or down as we can now, but I need to have some rows in the table stay a fixed height as they act like headers rows above each other row.

The calendar day/date (and other info in the same text line/paragraph) would be at the top of each event cell. The problem is the calendar is used year over year and I need to copy paste new content from CSV file that will flow each cell day to day - that means the day/date content does not stay fixed...and so I much add it and reformat it all over again...365 times.

I could copy/paste each days content in each cell, but again that's 365 times, that's just begging for wrong days to be copied and dropped characters etc.

I was considering putting in a locked invisible cell/row above each day cell/row, so I can copy/paste each years event content without interfering with the day/date content placement...so that's only 12 copy/pastes...one for each month.

But its unmanageable if I cannot lock certain row heights....thoughts?


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