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import PDF issue

Posted: 09 Sep 2018, 16:04
by chrisnz_nz
Hi all,

I have document where I placed a pdf file (single page extracted from a larger pdf) and get some odd things going on. First, it seems that the font i the pdf causes a weird issue with not displaying the combination of the letters "fi" in any word that appears in a certain paragraph a few times. SO i thought ok, that might be a weird font issue not displaying correctly. Turns out, this also prevents QXP from saving a pdf file. What is strange though that it does not give me an error and just fails silently. It seems to process the export to pdf but when you look for the file, it does not get written as such. I can reliably repeat the experiment by deleting the pdf from that document and then everything works fine, import the file again, and it fails to print to pdf.

When I check that pdf file in Acrobat, I can't find anything that stand out and gives a clue as to what causes the issue.

Can someone check that this pdf file fails also on someone else's system? QXP 2017 on MacOSX 10.12.6


Re: import PDF issue

Posted: 09 Sep 2018, 18:15
by eyoungren
Hey Chris.

First off, sounds like it's probably a font that wasn't embedded when they made the original PDF.

Couple of options here since you are getting this PDF from another PDF.

1. Export the page as an EPS (making sure Fonts Referenced and Embedded are embedded).
2. Export the page as above, use Acrobat Distiller to make a new PDF and import that.
3. Save out the original PDF as a PS file, remake the PDF with Acrobat Distiller and then grab the page like you did before.
4. Take the PDF of the page you already grabbed from the orginal, make it an EPS and import that. Or make a new PDF of it using Distiller and import that PDF from the EPS you just made.

Hope one of those helps.