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File Converter Does Nothing

Posted: 02 Nov 2018, 08:14
by senseiblackburn
Hey I publish a couple small papers and the previous owner was using Quark 8. I bought Quark 2017 last year and some powerful computers to go with it and it has been brutal getting everything to work together. A user on here actually helped me tremendously to get legacy projects to print properly from 2017. After a year of work to get to this point I go to open the Quark files provided by my franchise only to find they are sending them in a much earlier version than even 8 so I cannot open them. It says "Project is locked and cannot eb saved" and "Use the converter". I downloaded the converter and installed it and it is pretty simple but when I click ok to convert files nothing happens. Any thoughts? Thank you-Andy

Re: File Converter Does Nothing

Posted: 26 Nov 2018, 15:08
by UtahLlama
Open click wait click again? should open a Finder window then you select to the .qxd or .qxp file you need to convert, I have more success when renaming the legacy file with the dot extension before I try to convert.