Where/How to install XTensions for QX2017/Mac

Discuss third-party XTensions® software for QuarkXPress 2017, QuarkXPress 2018 and QuarkXPress 2019.
As the API hasn't changed between 2017 & 2018 & 2019 versions, most XTension running in QuarkXPress 2017 should also work in QuarkXPress 2018. If not, the XTension might have a hard-coded version check. Please contact the vendor of the XTension for compatibility information.
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Matthias Guenther (Quark)
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Where/How to install XTensions for QX2017/Mac

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 15 Jun 2017, 02:14

Hi all,

Info for Mac users
As you might have seen, on MacOS QuarkXPress 2017 is now a single bundle (see also: "QuarkXPress 2017 is a single bundle… sorry what?").
So now that there is no folder visible in Application directory, it might not be obvious anymore, where to install XTensions for QuarkXPress 2017:

If the XTension (plug-in) you are installing has an installer, then you do not need to worry about this.

If you need to manually install the XTension, then you need to be aware that QuarkXPress 2017 will load third party XTensions from the following two locations:

a) ~/Library/Application Support/Quark/QuarkXPress 2017/XTensions (so “Library” in your User folder)
b) /Library/Application Support/Quark/QuarkXPress 2017/XTensions (the main “Library” folder on your Macintosh folder)

  • If the XTension is placed in the main Library path, it will be available to all the users on that Mac.
  • If deployed in the user’s library path, the XTension will only be available to that particular user.
  • If the same XTension exists in both these locations, then the one in User’s Library location will get the preference.
This means that for the first time you can install different XTensions for different users on your Mac.

Hope this makes sense. If not, please ask.

As Windows does not offer single bundle possibility, it is as always.

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