Compatibility of QuarkXPress 2017 with Suitcase Fusion 7

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As the API hasn't changed between 2017 & 2018 & 2019 versions, most XTension running in QuarkXPress 2017 should also work in QuarkXPress 2018. If not, the XTension might have a hard-coded version check. Please contact the vendor of the XTension for compatibility information.
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Compatibility of QuarkXPress 2017 with Suitcase Fusion 7

Post by YVON BOEUF » 26 Jun 2017, 13:05

I received, today an update notification of Suitcase Fusion 7 v18.2.4.

After upgrade, no auto-activation modules for QuarkXpress 2017 under Windows.

I questioned Extensis on this. Here is the answer :

"We did not release a QuarkXPress 2017 plug-in for Windows. We only did so for macOS. I am uncertain as to whether we will be releasing one as there are still issues to resolve with it. For now, we do not have a compatible QuarkXPress 2017 plug-in."
Jim Kidwell

As usual, Windows users are left out!
:( :(
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Re: Compatibility of QuarkXPress 2017 with Suitcase Fusion 7

Post by shaun » 27 Jun 2017, 02:12

They also don't support Adobe CS6 on Sierra. I'm considering switching to Font Agent Pro, because I have no intention of using Adobe's Cloud subscription carry-on..

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