Typographics styles

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Typographics styles

Post by Arthur68 » 04 Jun 2018, 22:05

I am bothered by the new management of typographic styles ... The idea seems excellent to me, but badly applied when a font has more than the four classic styles (roman, bold, italic, bold-italic). The problem seems to arise only in this case of "complex" fonts.

1) Take a piece of text composed in Avenir Medium, which is standard on the Macintosh. Some words are in italic, others in bold, others in bold-italic. If we then decide to replace the Medium font with Avenir Heavy (this is an example), XPress loses the attributes: it must be delivered word by word and attribute by attractbut, which makes work more and above all can generate errors and omissions.

2) Now put some text in Avenir Book and pass it in bold-italic (CTRL-B and CTRL-I), then highlight the text and remove the attribute with CTRL-P. The font becomes Avenir Medium (and not the Avenir Book without attributes)!

3) Now get text in Avenir Roman with the italic attribute. For the next word pass Avenir Medium: XPress loses the attribute.

Note. Still in the case of complex fonts, Undo (CRTL-Z) works badly and "forgets" some operations that we did previously).

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Re: Typographics styles

Post by Sirish Nair (Quark) » 05 Jun 2018, 00:45

Hi Arthur68,

The font enumeration behavior and the display of fonts in the font menus has been changed in QuarkXPress 2018. Prior to QuarkXPress 2018, fonts were not mapped to their font faces (type style buttons in the measurement palette/ character style sheet reflect the font face of a font). Even if you applied a Regular/ Bold/ Italic font, the font was not mapped to the font face. So you could either apply Arial Regular font and then press Bold type style, or directly apply Arial Bold font, in both cases Arial Bold font would get applied on the text. There used to be a single font menu and font styles were displayed in the font family submenu using their font ‘Full Name’. If a user mistakenly applied Arial Bold clicked Bold button, then faux Bold would get applied.
In QuarkXPress 2018, there are two menus for fonts- font family menu and font style menu. Font family menu displays all the font families and font style menu displays the available font styles for the selected font family. The fonts are displayed using the font family name and font style name. Font styles are now mapped to their corresponding font faces. (i.e. corresponding type style button will be selected). Font styles like Bold, Black, Heavy, Semi Bold, SemiBold Condensed- all contain Bold font face (hence bold type style button will be selected). Font styles like Regular, Plain, Normal, Light, Semi Light, Condensed- all contain Plain font face (hence plain type style will be selected). Font styles like Italics, Oblique, Condensed Italics – all contain Italics font face (hence italics type style will be selected). There will be a lesser probability of faux styling being applied.
There are some fonts whose font style name and their corresponding font face don’t’ match. Like Impact –Regular font has font style ‘Regular’ but has a Bold font face.
If a font family doesn’t have a font style having a Plain font face, and the user applies Plain type style then font style field will display as blank
If a font family doesn’t have font styles having Bold / Italics/ Bold Italic font face and the user applied Bold / Italics/ Bold Italics type styling, then faux styling will be applied be applied on Bold/ Italics/ Bold Italics (which will be indicated with faux style warning icon) and the font style field will display as blank.
On opening a legacy version project in QuarkXPress 2018, font information in the document will map correctly to the new font display behavior. The fonts will mapped to their font families, font styles and font styles will mapped to their corresponding font faces (corresponding type style buttons will be selected).
So on clicking Bold button (to remove) in case of Avenir Heavy font, you are removing Bold font face, hence the font style changes to plain face variant of Avenir font i.e. Avenir Medium. When you select Avenir Heavy, Bold font face will be automatically selected as Heavy font style is a Bold font face.
Many font families have more than one font style which are mapped to a particular font face (like SemiBold, Bold, Bold Condensed, SemiBold Condensed, Heavy font styles are mapped to Bold button (font face)).
You can select any of these styles from the font styles menu. But, while changing a font style using the type style buttons, it can only map to one font style. On applying bold or italic font face to a font style or while removing a font face where multiple styles for same font face are available, we map to the first available font style for that face (per ascending order).

In case you use both font style menu and type style buttons to change the font styling, it might appear confusing. I would recommend that you only use the font styles menu for changing the font styles.
To cut it short, font styles are now mapped to font faces. Bold, Italic buttons indicate the font faces. So a Bold font style will have Bold font face (i.e.) Bold button will be pressed. If you uncheck the Bold button, the font face will change to Plain and plain font style will get selected. Many font styles map to the same font face like Bold, Heavy, Semibold, Black map to Bold font face. You don't need to be bothered by the bold, Italic button being pressed.
Previously, font styles were not mapped to their true font faces. All font styles were mapped to Plain font face. Hence you had an Avenir Heavy or Arial Italic font style mapped to Plain font face. This was a nincorrect behavior. Even, the behavior was incorrect it didn't create a visible difference on the layout or output. But if you clicked a Bold or Italic button, then Bold/ Italic styling would get applied on the Plain font face. If the font family had a font style which had a Bold or Italic font face then the font style would change to that font style. But, if the font family didn't have a font style which had a Bold or Italic font face, then faux bold or faux Italic would get applied. Additionally, if the applied font style had a bold/ Italic font face, then on clicking Bold/ Italic button, faux bold or faux Italic would get applied. For example, clicking Bold button if applied font was Avenir Heavy, would result faux bold getting applied. Faux bold or faux Italic is not advisable during print output, hence it was advised not to click Bold, Italic button for print safe file. Faux styling is indicated on the Bold/ Italic button using a small warning icon over the button.
Now, in QuarkXPress 2018, font styles are mapped to their true font faces (i.e.) the font face available within the font style, hence the chances of inadvertently faux bold or faux Italic getting applied have reduced. Be assured, that if a Bold or Italic button gets pressed on selecting a font style, then the font style itself has a bold/ Italic font face. You don't need to click Bold/ Italic button to remove it. You just need to use the font styles menu. Leave the Bold/ Italic buttons aside. If you use the Bold/ Italic button, there are chances that faux styling get applied if font family doesn't have a font style with a bold/ Italic font face.
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Re: Typographics styles

Post by Arthur68 » 05 Jun 2018, 02:07

Dear Sirish,

Thank you for your long answer, but I understood all that (and in my example, the problem is not about "false" bold and italic).

I just wanted to point out a malfunction with the complex family fonts, due to either a bug or a design problem.
But you tell me it's a normal feature: sincerely, "je n'en crois pas un mot" (as we say in French).

PS. I am also interested by the answer about the Preferences (cf. viewtopic.php?t=30005&p=128465#p128465)

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