"Undo/Redo" suddenly stops working?

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"Undo/Redo" suddenly stops working?

Post by amckinney » 06 Aug 2018, 12:43

I've noticed this at least twice now since migrating to XP18 (Mac). I've noticed on a couple of different occasions, that suddenly, QXP loses the ability to Undo/Redo edits, deletions, etc. This is true for keyboard commands (cmd-Z) and menu commands.

The only thing that restores it is to quit QXP and relaunch.

Thoughts? Anyone else experiencing this?

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Re: "Undo/Redo" suddenly stops working?

Post by SteveH » 18 Mar 2019, 16:44

I too have this issue. I am sending a screen recording to support via email.

Screen shot attached shows greyed-out menu command.
VIDEO HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/48kgc0tv56pkr ... .mov?dl=0​

Will post back if they respond.

The video documents the following:
QX2018 / Mac OS 10.14.3

Create new doc as single,
Undo greyed out.

Create new doc as project.
Undo greyed out.

Try editing on Master page.
No undo.

Quit app and relaunch
Undo restored.

Happens randomly after QX is open for some time.
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Re: "Undo/Redo" suddenly stops working?

Post by SteveH » 19 Mar 2019, 11:32

I have not yet tried these steps myself, but I will the next time the "Undo/REdo" stops working.
This is the reply from Quark Support:

Thank you for contacting Quark Support. My name is Dewan and I will assist you with this query.
Since you are getting this issue randomly and with new documents as well, then please perform below steps and verify if they work for you:

1. Quit QuarkXPress 2018 (if opened).
2. Navigate to Mac HDD >> Applications >> Right click on QuarkXPress 2018 >> Show package contents >> contents >> SharedSupport >> Tools
3. Run QuarkCacheCleaner file (It will delete the caches of QuarkXPress).
4. Navigate to Go menu (Desktop) >> (Press and hold down the option/alt key) Library >> Preferences >> Quark
5. Under Quark, rename the folder named "QuarkXPress 2018" to "Old_QuarkXPress 2018".
6. Re-launch QuarkXPress 2018 and verify the results.

Also verify if you have the latest dot release of QuarkXPress 2018 installed. Launch QuarkXPress >> Navigate to QuarkXPress menu >> About QuarkXPress >> it should be 14.2.1. If you have the older dot version, then click on Check for updates under QuarkXPress menu >> It will show you all updates >> Select QuarkXPress 14.2.1 and install.

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