EPS and AI image issues resolved

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EPS and AI image issues resolved

Post by MarkyBoy » 08 Oct 2018, 08:51

Hi all

I've had lots of problems with QXP2018 rendering complex eps and ai images - causing QXP to run so slowly as to be almost unusable. I had previously used Quark since version 4 and upgraded from 9.5 to 2018 earlier this year.

I raised a support ticket with Quark and after many conversations I am pleased to say that the engineers at Quark have done some great work to resolve this issue. I have just tested a beta version of the next update and I have found this new build to be much improved in performance with this issue of complex eps images than the original and it is back to the performance / speed that I would have expected from Quark.

I tested the new build on a catalogue project that is 88 pages long and has a mixture of eps, jpg and tif images. The eps images were causing very big problems. In previous versions of QXP2018 this document would take about 30 seconds to scroll from one page to the next and every time you zoomed in or out or did a 'goto' page, it would take 30 seconds to a minute or more to do the action, with this build I am pleased to say that these actions are now more less instantaneous and so the issue looks to have been completely resolved.

I would say this is a 100% improvement on the previous version in this respect and I look forward to the official update being released in a few weeks!

It really does make a pleasant change for a large software company to take note of user (minion) problems and then resolve the issue, keeping in contact with the customer at all times - great work from Quark!

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