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Spell Checking

Posted: 08 Nov 2018, 15:57
by saratogacoach

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or the Spell Checker in QXP 2018 (Windows) has a "glitch" ?

I have some abbreviations, technical words in the project. I've set up an auxiliary dictionary. When I spell check, these abbreviations, technical words are flagged each time. I click on "add," and when I check if they are added in the auxiliary dictionary, they are added (sometimes even duplicated, appearing multiple times).

If I re-open the project and do a spell check, the same abbreviations, technical words are flagged again, even though they have been added to the auxiliary dictionary. Sometimes the spell check needs to be re-started when it get to an unfinished place, won't go forward. It then goes back to the first abbreviation and page where it appears as though not added (which it is). Challenging to get it to work correctly and complete without repeatedly starting over.

Not sure what to do to fix this, get the spell checking and auxiliary dictionary working correctly?

Any suggestions appreciated.

Re: Spell Checking

Posted: 12 Nov 2018, 00:22
by Sirish Nair (Quark)
Hi saratogacoach,

Kindly share the project and auxiliary dictionary. Also mention which abbreviations/ technical words are you adding to the auxiliary dictionary which get flagged again on spell check?

Did you resave the project after linking auxiliary dictionary to the project? Is the auxiliary dictionary still linked to the project when you reopen the project [You can invoke the Auxiliary dictionary dialog (Utilities > Check Spelling >Auxiliary dictionary) to check]

You can mail me the project and auxiliary dictionary at