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Posted: 09 Dec 2018, 10:21
by Thomahawk
Is Xpress so slow for everyone? Moving an object box around, even on an empty page the movement is juddering, not smooth. Moving edges also, just not precise. Really bad when moving pictures around it becomes so slow, its unbearable. And this on the new fastest Mac Mini 2018!

Re: Slow

Posted: 12 Dec 2018, 05:29
by Matthias Guenther (Quark)
Hi Tom,

which version are you using, QX2016? Have you updated to the latest verison of QX2016?

If yes, can you share a file please?


Re: Slow

Posted: 13 Dec 2018, 11:11
by Thomahawk
Thanks for your response, Matthias. No, I have just installed everything new and bought your latest version XPress 2018.

Re: Slow

Posted: 17 Dec 2018, 03:57
by Matthias Guenther (Quark)
Have you installed the December update (14.2)?
Have you tried deleting cache and preferences?
If it is still slow, please send me a sample document and a system report (RAM, CPU, MacOS version etc.)


Re: Slow

Posted: 20 Dec 2018, 15:22
by Thomahawk
Yes I deleted cache preferences and I am using 14.2, it is still the same. I have the newest Mac Mini 2018

Modell-Identifizierung: Macmini8,1
Prozessortyp: Intel Core i7
Prozessorgeschwindigkeit: 3.2 GHz
Anzahl der Prozessoren: 1
Gesamtanzahl der Kerne: 6
L2-Cache (pro Kern): 256 KB
L3-Cache: 12 MB
Speicher: 32 GB
Display 30" EIZO, 4K

Can not send you the files, its over 300MB
But I can say, of course it has to do with the 2x 150MB PSD image. When I move elements on top of it, its all very staggering. Movements are smooth on simpler documents. But it's not the 90s anymore. Speed on HR images should not be a problem nowadays.

Re: Slow

Posted: 21 Dec 2018, 03:48
by Thomahawk
I was wrong. It is already there in simple documents too. Just a book with nothing but a long text in one simple textbox. Moving it around, it is staggering too. Not so bad like with the image page mentioned above, but not liquid like I am used to from indesign.

Re: Slow

Posted: 26 Dec 2018, 04:45
by Thomahawk
Not only the speed of Xpress is lacking.

I was surprised how you, Mr. G√ľnther, wrote in publisherblog about how the team was so much on the look for a killerfeature while still there are so many other, very basic things, that are not here yet.

For example I am missing overlay options (multiply etc) for groups (inlcuding images, text, pdf etc).

Blurring edges of forms or images.
file.png (65.6 KiB) Viewed 2210 times
Choosing several textboxes and change all Text color at once.

Hide object (box) frame borders, while showing page guidelines

Transparency who behaves irratic and does not look right on display, also groups can not made transparent at once.

strange lines that appear on side of pictures without really being there.


Which all can be done so easy in ID.

Re: Slow

Posted: 26 Dec 2018, 09:08
by Thomahawk
Again regarding speed, I noted, when I take a handle of any object and directly drag it (dotted frame lines), its so very heavy to drag, slagging behind, slow. But when I click it and wait a second or two, so that content text or image is shown adapting/moving, it behaves much more liquid.

Thats double strange, because the second needs much more calculation.

So I would say, if the first one could be deactiveated, and instantly all would behave like it does now after 1-2 second waiting, it would all be fine.