New Problem making PDFs

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New Problem making PDFs

Post by JackieFrant » 29 Jan 2019, 16:52

I just experienced a graphic on one page being cut off in the PDF. So, I figured corrupt file (like in the old days. However, in the second attempt, it came out fine, but on another page, the graphic was cut off. I just made a quick pdf of the one page, it was fine, and replaced it in the pdf so I could send it to the person who really wanted it - NOW.

I am attaching a sample. The names have been erased to protect the guilty.

I do look forward to your comments.
XSummer in Maine 1.pdf
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A Palaniappan (Quark)
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Re: New Problem making PDFs

Post by A Palaniappan (Quark) » 29 Jan 2019, 23:47

Hi JackieFrant,

Thank you for contacting Quark.

Kindly share the collect for output of the problematic project with images, fonts, profiles to verify.

Meanwhile kindly try to output in flattening mode and let us know the result.

Kindly open the project by pressing the option/Alt key and resave the project and close and reopen (normally without pressing any key) and output again and verify.

A. Palaniappan

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Re: New Problem making PDFs

Post by MarkyBoy » 28 Feb 2019, 06:06

I also have this problem - mainly with EPS files, often the same image (like a logo used on every page) sometimes is ok, sometimes is cut off, sometimes does not print at all.

I find exporting the pages as single page PDFs helps but even this has cut off and missing errors, I would be interested to know if anyone can solve this.... I've had lots of problems with QXP2018, version 9.5 was perfect and stable and never had issues. QXP2018 has lots of image cache issues IMO.

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Re: New Problem making PDFs

Post by UtahLlama » 28 Feb 2019, 12:55

What sort of files are the placed graphics?

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