Very slow initial save

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Very slow initial save

Post by MarkyBoy » 28 Feb 2019, 05:41

Hi all, wonder if anyone can help.

When I open a large Quark file to work on, the first time I save it takes a very long time (approx. 3 minutes), subsequent saves are much faster and not a problem - this happens on most documents.

I believe it is an image cache issue, I think when Quark changed the image 'engine' from the one used in 9.5 they didn't really cater for large documents with a hundred or so high res images. I have had lots of documented image cache issues with Quark, which they have largely resolved.

For the above problem, I have tried clearing system caches, clearing font caches etc and all to no avail.

I have read that many people have experienced this slow save issue and it is really annoying and time consuming - I have one client who has 10 catalogues and sometimes wants to change one thing in all catalogues and I spend half an hour just waiting for Quark to save.

Has anyone here experienced this, or found a solution?


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