Auto Backup destroys saved Work (Program bug)

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Auto Backup destroys saved Work (Program bug)

Post by S-J » 17 Sep 2019, 14:30

Quarkxpress 2018 has a serious flaw in the form of Auto Backup.

I discovered this about 3 months ago but was so caught up in solving my problem of the mysteriously disappearing files that I forgot to post about it once I had solved the problem for myself.

The problem is as follows and is related to the Auto Backup feature. My copy of Xpress had this set to keeping 1 revision. I was working on a book at the time and had prepared eleven chapters (Quark files were unimaginatively named Chapter 1, Chapter 2 etc.) The work was then sent off to author for comment. Once comments were received I updated the Chapters sequentially from Chapter 1 to (what I thought would be) Chapter 11.
Unfortunately when I got to Chapters 10 and 11 there was only a Chapter 10, and Chapter 11 had vanished from the folder. To my horror Chapter 10 contained Chapter 1. Thus Chapters 10 and 11 had disappeared off my computer. I had to recreate this lost work at great annoyance and time waste.

Long story short, I have just prepared 26 chapters for a new book and they were all there when I finished my work. I then systematically started from Chapter 1 to finalise formatting etc. only to discover once I got to chapter 9, that chapters 10 to 26 had mysteriously disappeared. I then realised my mistake as I had figured the problem the first time round.

Quark creates a backup file with an added digit thus Chapter 1 will have a backup called Chapter 11 etc and if there is already the real Chapter 11 in the folder, it gets overwritten by the backup Chapter 1 file and the real file thus vanishes without trace.

I can categorically state this to be how it happens as I demonstrated it to myself by saving a Chapter 1 and Chapter 10 file in the same folder while having Windows explorer open, then went and edited Chapter 1 and as soon as I save Chapter 1, Chapter 10 disappeared from explorer as Chapter 11 was created as backup.

What this means is that Auto Backup, which should be a safeguard against losing work, actually destroys one's work.

I would appreciate it if anyone that has experienced this can confirm my findings and I would also like to know if Quark have any intention of fixing this.


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Re: Auto Backup destroys saved Work (Program bug)

Post by Jiri Melnicky » 17 Sep 2019, 16:16

In any case, I do not recommend backing up the file to the same location! I recommend backing up to another folder, to another drive - preferably to an external SSD (USB flash drives are not suitable for automatic backup due to write speed). For files with numbers at the end, just type an underscore and the renumbering will no longer occur (Filename_10_.qxd)
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