Font Explorer font activation

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Font Explorer font activation

Post by Car1980 » 29 Jun 2020, 05:16

I have an issue where I open a document in QXP 2018, the Linotype Font Explorer 'activating fonts' window appears and the fonts become activated within Font Explorer - but the fonts do not become activated in Quark.

If I go into Font Explorer and untick and retick the activated fonts they then work in Quark.

I'm using the right plug-in and it works no problem in QXP 2017, it's just 2018 that shows this weird behaviour. Any ideas?

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Re: Font Explorer font activation

Post by UtahLlama » 29 Jun 2020, 13:53

Auto Activation XTs have been really flaky the last few years. I think the general advice is to disable the XT and manually activate the fonts. I've inherited a messy FEX set-up at work and generally have to restart Quark to get it to use the correct fonts (mind you my quark at work is also much older too).
It will be much better when quark 2020 gets the use of a Document Fonts folder like InDesign. :idea:

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