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Activation issue after BIOS upgrade

Posted: 12 Feb 2021, 13:38
by Jiri Melnicky
After upgrading the BIOS on a Dell computer, all installed versions of 2016, 2017, 2018 require a new activation. When you try to reactivate, the software reports that the number of activations has been exhausted.
How the story went: I originally had version 2016/2017/2018 installed on a computer that stopped working after a few years (it didn't turn on at all). Therefore, it was not possible to transfer the license to the new computer. I had to buy a new computer and installed 2016/2017/2018 here. So I used the option of installing one license on second computer. During one year of use on a new computer, QuarkXPress has required reactivation three times for unknown reasons. It wasn't after upgrading Windows, the program suddenly stopped working and prompted me to activate it.
Today, after upgrading the BIOS, not a single version of QuarkXPress works for me. Chat support wrote me that I had exhausted all activations (I can even be glad that I have the option of 2 activations and I used 3).
This is a really incredible process - QuarkXPress has a bug because it requires a new activation for no reason (a distributor in the Czech Republic confirmed to me that I am not the first customer with this problem). Chat support, sent me the exact time and date when I reactivated. The support must certainly see that these reactivations, which I did not cause, are performed in one license on ONE computer. Nevertheless, she refused to cancel these activations so that I could use the program. I have three versions of the program that I really need for my work and none of the versions works.

Re: Activation issue after BIOS upgrade

Posted: 13 Feb 2021, 14:57
by MikeWenzloff
Hello Jiri,

Same thing happened to me after my Dell desktop updated the bios. Same response re activations. It took a day or two and a few back and forths via email, but Quark Support cleared the activations and provided new numbers. In my case, because I had each version back to QXP 9, I think 4 versions were affected. In my case, the 2020 version required a new activation after a QXP update.

I would encourage you to keep at it.

I have also written to Quark that like some applications I use, Quark needs to provide a web interface whereby we can activate/deactivate for ourselves. It would save both the customers' sanity and their time.

Re: Activation issue after BIOS upgrade

Posted: 14 Feb 2021, 12:45
by Jiri Melnicky
Thanks for the reply. The distributor in the Czech Republic requested the installation codes and promised to resolve the matter as soon as possible directly from Quark. I'm really upset, I need to work on periodicals. We probably won't see license management. QuarkXPress can be run without regular (for example, monthly) online verification, and Quark has no control on how many computers the software is installed on. Therefore, it is solved through authorization, but it is an absurd solution. Quark does not expect the computer to stop working completely. Then the license cannot be transferred. Then an unexpected Windows or BIOS update occurs and you're at zero! You look like a cheater ... QuarkXPress Bussiness has a license management, but it's an annual overpayment with an unacceptable price and terms. You don't pay, you don't run the program ...

Re: Activation issue after BIOS upgrade

Posted: 08 Mar 2021, 11:53
by Jiri Melnicky
I have been without software for three weeks and quark has finally contacted the distributor in the Czech Republic. If I buy the 2020 version then one could consider giving me an exception for the SINGLE and LAST activation of the 2016-2018 software. The blackmail of a loyal customer (since 1993) has replaced the helpful approach and resolution of the situation. All lifetime license proclamations are bullshit. Windows updates come up, an error in the program prompts you to reactivate and you are without software. No one will help you. So actually yes - when you buy a new version for the full price. Does it make sense to stay with Quark?

Re: Activation issue after BIOS upgrade

Posted: 16 Apr 2021, 14:51
by S-J
Can this be true? Quark claim that one has a lifetime license, yet activations get used up by doing routine maintenance on one's hardware such as upgrading bios and because one is now out of the 2018 support cycle, one cannot get the activation reset as the live chat operators have not other interest but selling you an upgrade. Am I missing something or does this sound like highway robbery or maybe extortion?
So much for the lifetime license.