Possible to Sync Master Pages in a Book

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Possible to Sync Master Pages in a Book

Post by LyleM » 01 Feb 2020, 15:27

I'm creating a book and the first chapter, which is designated as the "Master" has page numbers on the left/right master pages. But if I sync with the other chapters (projects) everything is copied except the Master Page? The Master Pages in the following chapters do not have page numbers?

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Re: Possible to Sync Master Pages in a Book

Post by Worthington » 11 Mar 2020, 10:36

I'm currently doing a long book, split into 6 sections and 8 documents, all controlled by the book pallet.

For each document start with a blank master document, with auto pagination (Command-3) set up in the Page Layout pallet's Master page/s. You can use the New Project from Ticket option after you have created the first page in the document and applied it to a new Book in the same named pallet. Personally I prefer the first method as I often mess around with designs before I get stuck in with the rest of the documents.

Once you have chapters in the pallet you can change which document is the Master one for the others to sync to by opening the pallet wider and clicking to the left of the chapter's name set to become the Master.

There are still problems trying to make PDFs as spreads if the end or beginning of one chapter has a blank page. No matter how many times I tell my clients they are not blank pages, just empty space, they cannot get it in their heads.

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