Loss of all quark licenses

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Loss of all quark licenses

Post by Andreas » 20 Apr 2021, 05:00

Dear colleagues,

I lost all my Quark licenses in one fell swoop because no version can be activated anymore. First things first: I have been a Quark user since version 3.32, have gone through every update with sometimes multiple licenses - up to version 2018.
I have installed on a Win10 computer all versions from 7 to 2018, because I need to keep these versions for old data stock.
Now I have dared (quite obviously in a fit of madness) to update the BIOS of my computer. Quark apparently interpreted this as a hardware change and all installed versions require reactivation. Unfortunately, this is not possible because supposedly the number of allowed activations has been reached.
In a chat I asked for help from Quark. The absolutely only option I was offered is the following: I have to buy a new license and from this license an activation for an older version can be transferred.

I am now faced with the situation that the licenses I purchased as lifetime are no longer activated by Quark. Thus I was deprived of my right of use. I can therefore only warn against purchasing licenses from Quark in the future, because there is no guarantee that they will remain usable in the future.
After this very disappointing experience, I do not wish Quark a good future. They have lost all trust with me.

Angry greetings

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