Loss of all quark licenses

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Loss of all quark licenses

Post by Andreas » 20 Apr 2021, 05:00

Dear colleagues,

I lost all my Quark licenses in one fell swoop because no version can be activated anymore. First things first: I have been a Quark user since version 3.32, have gone through every update with sometimes multiple licenses - up to version 2018.
I have installed on a Win10 computer all versions from 7 to 2018, because I need to keep these versions for old data stock.
Now I have dared (quite obviously in a fit of madness) to update the BIOS of my computer. Quark apparently interpreted this as a hardware change and all installed versions require reactivation. Unfortunately, this is not possible because supposedly the number of allowed activations has been reached.
In a chat I asked for help from Quark. The absolutely only option I was offered is the following: I have to buy a new license and from this license an activation for an older version can be transferred.

I am now faced with the situation that the licenses I purchased as lifetime are no longer activated by Quark. Thus I was deprived of my right of use. I can therefore only warn against purchasing licenses from Quark in the future, because there is no guarantee that they will remain usable in the future.
After this very disappointing experience, I do not wish Quark a good future. They have lost all trust with me.

Angry greetings

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Re: Loss of all quark licenses

Post by dark_rider » 08 Feb 2022, 07:05

Dear Andreas,

exactly the same here: BIOS update is generally misinterpreted by Quark as change of PC and required XPress to be activated again. At the 5th re-activation = license count 6, re-activation is no more possible. I had the same problem already in 2017:

After a very long discussion with Quark support, they finally reset the license count to 0 again, so that re-activation was possible again.

The work-around to avoid this in the future was to start a license transfer in XPress before starting BIOS updates, so de-activate XPress before and re-activate it afterwards. This is also the regular proceeding when you move XPress to a new PC.

So since this very special experience, like this I always avoided the XPress license count to rise and finally block re-activation.

But now, there is a new problem: License transfer suddenly no more works since some months. As well the online license transfer within XPress as well as the manual way by submitting the transfercode which is generated by XPress to Quark's website now causes error messages.

So after some BIOS updates or re-activations due to other reasons like hardware upgrades, XPress cannot be activated any more.

So I'm in the same very long discussion with Quark support now again: Up to now, instead of solving the problem by resetting the license count and making the license transfer work again, they try to sell me an XPress 2022 subscription.

Sorry Quark, but I bought a lifetime license. Because you over-control your users much more than any other software supplier I know and XPress cannot be activated without your servers, you have to make sure that your servers work properly! You cannot sell lifetime licenses, and just a few years later, you stop these to work. This would be fraud.

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Re: Loss of all quark licenses

Post by LyleM » 10 Feb 2022, 12:31

The new license manager should alleviate that problem going forward but it's not fully working as advertised. When I installed Quark 2022, it now includes a license manager and now you are allowed to have as many installs as you want BUT only one can be running at one time.

However, even with the first installation of Quark 2022, I couldn't activate the license as Quark said I had no more activations left, even though it was my first installation. I used the online chat help box and it was resolved quickly. I installed Quark on another computer and got the same error a couple of days ago, but the chatbox resolved that.

I'm upgrading to a bigger system starting Friday and will likely have to do the process over again but it only took a few minutes. I'm assuming that when they get the kinks worked out this will solve your problems.

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Re: Loss of all quark licenses

Post by dark_rider » 03 Apr 2022, 09:01

To be honest, is Quark still a possible option, for real?

- They seem to take as given that most users are criminals and copy the software without paying.
- That's why they implemented a draconic license control overhead.
- This license control very often does not work correctly and permanently causes big trouble to legal customers not being able to use the software they have paid for.
- The "customer care" does not even take this into considerance. You have to beg for help and hope for goodwill.
- Quark even sells "perpetual licenses", but in fact, they stop the servers some years later so that the applications cannot be verified during startup any more and reject working.
- This forum is nearly dead.

The only reason that some stupid people like us still use Quark seems to be that the work for moving to alternatives is hard sometimes, depending on the projects.

Finally, I cannot accept that tremendous waste of time and tons of stress any more. I will take the time and move to Affinity Publisher which I just tried now: Affordable price, no license control bullshit, quick and handy application, easy to use. That's what I always wanted. It will take some days or weeks to transfer my QXPs via PDF to AFPUB, but that will make me get rid of permanent problems with Quark.

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