Quark 2020 won't open - ARGH!

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Quark 2020 won't open - ARGH!

Post by SarahB1863 » 10 Jan 2023, 11:43

Hi all,

I work in an office where we all share our Quark 2020 files. We're all on Macintoshes.

Today one of our Quark 2020s, on a Monterey OS, won't open. It gets as far putting the menus at the top and then just spins.

I trashed the prefs, cleaned the cache, doesn't help. Called Quark and they say Quark 2020 isn't supported so no help there, but you can upgrade to Quark 2023 for free! But we're on a deadline and we need to share files - no time to upgrade every computer to 2023 on our deadline.

Can anybody help? The app opens, in that the menu at the top shows up, but then it stalls. So I'm thinking it's some corrupted setup file. But I don't know what to disable or trash to get it to open.


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Re: Quark 2020 won't open - ARGH!

Post by pjanssen » 17 Jan 2023, 04:09

I don't know if you still have this issue, but the first thing you could try is to create a new user on the problematic computer. Check if QuarkXPress wants to start with this new user and let me know. It's important to know if it's a user or computer related problem.

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