Appalling customer service

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ben nevis
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Appalling customer service

Post by ben nevis » 27 Jun 2020, 19:00

Over the years I have purchased 5 different versions of QuarkXPress. When I investigated the possibility of purchasing a Quark Advantage plan for Q2020, I seemed to no long be in your system and my email was not recognised.
I persevered, re-registered and signed up for the trial version. I was sent an email highlighting "5 free QuarkXPress resources for you". I was particularly interested to find out what new features were included in Q2020. However one of the links you sent me < ... rison.aspx> gives a permanent 403 error.
I tried the Quark Chat Line, but it was no better. I wanted to know about spell checking. Here is the exchange:
Paul: Welcome to Quark Live Chat!! How may I help you today?

Me (18:01): Hi, I'm trying to find out if QX 2020 includes a spellchecker. I have bought Xtensions in the past, but I am fed up with paying to upgrade them every time a new edition of QX comes out.

Paul (18:02): Welcome , how can I help you today?Kindly share your email-ID so that I can validate the records and assist you accordingly.


Paul (18:06): Thank you for the information let me pull up your records please wait.

Paul (18:12): Neol can you help me with the version you are using right now of the quark?

Me (18:13): 2018

Paul (18:21): No Issues Neol i"ll find out the best possible solution for you please wait

Paul (18:31): you can purchase the new Quark Xppress 2020 and have the spell checker will not come along with that but you can have it online which will work perfectly fine '

Me (18:31): How does that work. Will mistakes be underlined in red?

Paul (18:33): yes

Me (18:34): OK thanks

Paul (18:35): so, should i generate the 2020 upgarde link with you?

Me (18:35): No thanks

So 34 minutes to get my name wrong and be told a lot of nonsense.
What's going on Quark?

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Re: Appalling customer service

Post by UtahLlama » 29 Jun 2020, 13:37

Paul types like a bot :idea:

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Re: Appalling customer service

Post by Worthington » 25 Jul 2020, 08:16

I cannot disagree with Ben Nevis more,as UtahLlama says, he sounds like a bot. I have found Quark Customer Services the best I have ever come across.

I've contacted Customer service a couple of times through the on-line chat. On each occasion they tried hard to help me, even to the point of an engineer telephoning me from India and linking via Teamtalk. The last most recent occasion the engineer took the problem to her team meeting to get a consensus on how to fix the glitch. Due to the time differences, it was the middle of their night on a Sunday yet there was still an engineer at the end of the line.

My experience of QuarkXPress goes back to 1989, QXP3 on MacOs 6.5. In those days customer service was dreadful to non-existent.

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