Quark files encrypted by howdecrypt / cryptolocker

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Mike Poulin
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Quark files encrypted by howdecrypt / cryptolocker

Post by Mike Poulin » 02 Apr 2014, 07:43

Unfortunately I have had quite a few of my Quark files encrypted by ransomware (howdecrypt / cryptolocker) and decided not to pay the ransom. These were files that I had also backed up but the backup was on the network and I have since began backing up and taking offline, lesson learned. Has anyone been able to decrypt previously encrypted Quark files? I have found an application that will decrypt jpg files that were encrypted by the ransomware, but nothing else. Thanks for any input on this matter.

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Quark files encrypted by howdecrypt / cryptolocker

Post by MikeWenzloff » 02 Apr 2014, 11:13

Probably good you didn't pay the ransom. There are quite a few posts on various forums I have read saying that they paid a ransom and never got their files decrypted. Seems like a crap-shoot. Rid yourself of the ransomware (I assume you have), put into place more/better backup methods, perhaps better internet security, better firewall, etc.

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