Artwork/files in use

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Artwork/files in use

Post by Brite » 13 Aug 2013, 10:22

Hello everyone. This is my first time posting here and I hope that I'm in the right place! I have a question. Something I have needed to do now for a long time and have put off out of fear of losing something! I'll try to make it short...I do the graphics for a small coupon publication. I do the ads, import pics, logos etc...and make up my 64 page book each month with the ads that I've created or just changed from month to month. I've been doing this for 14 years and have never trashed any of the art I have stored on my mac! I have 5 folders of art and I think it's really starting to drag down my computer. My question is...Is there a way to find out what art is NOT in use? So that I can put that on a disk and keep only what I am using? I really dont want to go through and hand pick each file and drag to a new folder or drag each piece not in use to a disk. I may have to do it that way, i know, but I want t a list of items in use or not in use from my 64 page document, if that makes sense. Or maybe there is some magical quick easy way that I don't know about!? lol Sorry for the loooong story here and I appreciate any replies. Thank you :)PS. I am using QuarkXPress 7.

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Artwork/files in use

Post by migman » 13 Aug 2013, 19:45

It might be possible to write a script that will open each file, do a Collect for Output and then delete the original links, but I can't help with that because I'm not a scripting guy. There is a scripting forum, so you might want to check over there.
On the other hand, if the art on your computer is "really starting to drag down" your computer, I have to ask if that's because you have too little free space. If that's the problem, you should consider getting a new or additional hard drive. Some new ones that go up to 4TB start at less than $200.

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Artwork/files in use

Post by ampegg66 » 14 Aug 2013, 09:34

If you do a Collect for Output, it will gather copies of all currently used images into one new folder. Then you would just link to the art files in the new folder, and keep your old art files around in case you needed to pull something from them.Open your Quark file and go to File/Collect for Output, create a new folder to collect everything in, make sure the Linked Pictures box at the bottom is checked, then click Save. Note that you can also have it collect the Quark document and fonts if you want, so you would have a complete package with the current document and support files.
Your new folder will contain a Pictures folder with copies of all the images used in your file (the original images will still be in their original folders). The tricky part is linking to these new images. If Quark can still see the old image folders, it will link to the old images. I don't know of a direct way to link to the new images other than going through one at a time and importing the images from the new folder.
The workaround is to hide the old image folders from Quark. You could try quitting Quark, then making a new folder (let's call it Stash) and dragging your old art folders into it. When you reopen Quark, open your file and go to Utilities/Usage, and (hopefully) it will show all of your images as Missing. Then, when you use the Usage dialog to link to the first new image, if you Option-Click the Update button, it will relink to all the images in the new folder all at once. Once your document is linked to the new images folder, you can put your old art folders back where they were.
Another option, if that doesn't work: We work on a server, so I drag copies of the old image folders to my desktop and delete them from the server, so Quark can't find them. So if there's any way to pull your old art folders off onto an external drive, delete them from your computer, relink to the new images folder, then either copy the art files back onto your computer or leave them archived on the external drive, that could work.
This is a function where InDesign does a much better job at letting you update links without silly workarounds.

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