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Quark Website / Home Page

Post by jfirst » 07 Jul 2014, 17:33

Can you tell me what was used to create the "presentation" banner section (under the navigation bars) on the Quark home page. I presume that the website was created in Quark 9 - if not, was the application used please? Thanks.AI guess a companion question is: are there are any further developments for a Quark app for website creation?

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Re: Quark Website / Home Page

Post by MikeWenzloff » 09 Jul 2014, 21:24

Probably Pikachoose jQuery slider/gallery, going by the source code on the Quark main site.


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Re: Quark Website / Home Page

Post by gdrake » 31 Jul 2014, 14:36

The Web layout tools in QuarkXPress have not been actively progressed for several releases and indeed were removed in version 10. Even when the Web tools did exist within QuarkXPress, they were never designed for large scale Web deployments, which generally involve databases, a Web content management system etc. QuarkXPress is best used for print, PDF, ebooks and tablet/smartphone apps (with AppStudio). As per the other post, no, QuarkXPress has not been used to create any of the Web pages on Quark.com. Sorry!

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