Finding validation codes

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Finding validation codes

Post by louisj » 22 Dec 2015, 10:00

Since 2005 I have bought three separate licences for QuarkXpress. One in 2005 and Two in 2014. We have got to the Kafkaesque situation now where we can use none of them because the serial numbers are not recognised by the Validation Code request form (true). But can get no solution as the help set-up at QuarkXpress is non-existent. If someone from Quark checks these files, perhaps you could have the decency to set up a form of communication by which we can send you the original purchase invoices (the 2005 purchase has needless to say been updated, to new versions, at great expense every since) and you can give us the up-to-date Serial Numbers (how can these become redundant?) and the ability to reactivate each of the licences on new machines as an when we need to transfer them to new hardware. Thank you.

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Matthias Guenther (Quark)
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Re: Finding validation codes

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 22 Dec 2015, 11:06

Hi Louis,

please either send an email to or call us here: ... ice/#phone

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