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Re: Hello Again

Post by Jean-Marie Schwartz » 20 Jul 2017, 09:45

eyoungren wrote:
Jean-Marie Schwartz wrote:
eyoungren wrote:Yeah, had to leave Facebook. My choice, no one pressuring me, but for my own reasons I had to.

Do miss you guys though which is one of the reasons I'm hanging around online in forums more again.
Hi there! Nice to hear from you, Erik! Thought well it was your decision to leave FB even if I didn't really know wether you left or threw away some friends for some reason. Anyway it is your decision and I respect it plainly, really! And as far as I'm concerned so many times I thought of leaving also. Some links are still tighting me :?
I miss you on FB. This said, I don't want Quark Forums to become an ersatz of FB :D
Keep in touch!
JMS! I have your phone number remember? :D

Nah, I left because I was having issues with myself not because of anyone else. Greg emailed me and so did Emma, although she didn't reply to my reply. But I have everyone's email anyway.

Yeah, some of the stuff on there now…I had to mute some of my own family members because I didn't agree with their political views.

And since I've left Zuckerberg and FB itself I've seen do a few things I'm not totally happy about.

Anyway, glad to see you back here Mr. Applescript man! :D
Hum… yes, just Mr. Applescript man. THE Scripting Ace remains to be Michel, whatever he does now :-D
This said, Applescript changed so much recently and I haven't caught the fly. I feel like I'm still living in the 20th Century. :roll:
And… oh yes! Politics! Always been a critical subject and I try to avoid it even if it's not easy all the time :-) We are human and as such we'll always find points of disrupture, so let's work harder to find the other points :)
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