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World Cup 2018

Posted: 14 Jun 2018, 15:34
by UtahLlama
Am going to wait until the teams have had a game each for my prediction of overall winner.
Last week I would have said Spain but sacking your manager never helps (unless you bring in Big Sam (Allardyce) :lol: :lol: )
I will predict that Matthias will predict Germany to win but he might be correct :D
Jean-Marie may predict Belgium since they have a ridiculously easy group :!:
I'll also predict England to go home after a Penalty shoot out... but hopefully not against the Germans again again :(

Re: World Cup 2018

Posted: 14 Jun 2018, 16:42
by eyoungren
I predict the United States will win!

Oh, wait…!!!! :oops:

Re: World Cup 2018

Posted: 15 Jun 2018, 01:51
by Matthias Guenther (Quark)
Final will be Italy vs. Netherlands.

Oh wait…

Re: World Cup 2018

Posted: 19 Jun 2018, 14:58
by UtahLlama
having seen all the teams play once I'm sticking with Spain to win.
As a neutral I really enjoyed the Portugal Spain match.
Belgium looked good, Germany were truly terrible ( it was sooo nice to see as an England fan see another nation play with our standard tournament tactics :twisted: :lol: :twisted: ) Eric please share some empathy with Matthias as someone who knows what it feels like to lose to Mexico LOL... and the real winners in Volgograd were the midges :D

Re: World Cup 2018

Posted: 07 Jul 2018, 13:02
by UtahLlama
Oh wait...

England to lose on penalties

I'm not sure I can take any more, even at 2-0 up against Sweden I could barely watch.

Matthais, Big Sam is available for the Germany job :lol: