quark vs indesign

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quark vs indesign

Post by mac_nick » 24 Feb 2009, 21:42

nobigdeal wrote:f it werent for Quark-ID would not be where it is today? If it werent for ID-Quark may not be where they are today? I hope they both stick around. Its good for us!!
You are absolutely right. I agree fully. Don't want to bother you.

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quark vs indesign

Post by wendysc » 29 Apr 2009, 05:59

Can you tell about the plugins for converting InDesign to Quark? I'm trying to figure out if it's just cheaper to give in and buy InDesign for this one project I need to make revisions to that's in InDesign or if I could somehow convert it to Quark - It's a 175 page document. Thx!

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quark vs indesign

Post by Emma » 30 Apr 2009, 00:48

Wendy, it might be best to post this as a new thread! This one looks like a long argument and I'm not sure people will bother to scroll down.
Check out Markzware, who do ID2Q which supports Quark 8 and CS4. It seems to do the job, but I've only used it to grab elements. There may be features that don't translate perfectly.

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quark vs indesign

Post by mdhavey » 12 May 2009, 07:20

I work in an overworked design studio, so I'll throw in my two bits. We have lots of different projects, from ads to books, though not many catalogs with extensive tables. Of the three designers, we're all very fluent in Quark (old school?) and more or less fluent in ID (though one of us is really good) since we have to update inherited ID files. Frankly, none of us would start a new project in ID. Quark is better at handling handling type, and the workflow, especially tool use, is much more efficient and faster (for example, double click on a picture box, work on that image in photoshop and immediately import it). IT Enquirer did a report comparing speed and efficiency in Quark and ID and Quark won almost every category handily. That's not to say Quark doesn't have issues, though all of our printers have figured work arounds to the transparency problems. Building websites in Quark, including SWF files, is very popular now in Europe and adds a huge dimension to the program.
Readers might be interested in this article about one of Europe's largest publishers migrating from ID to Quark:

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quark vs indesign

Post by remote » 22 Nov 2009, 05:56

Building websites in Quark, including SWF files, is very popular now in Europe and adds a huge dimension to the program.

... care to provide some detail on that claim? Of the Quarks users I know, there's a total of ZERO who use these features.

While I agree to Quark having many advantages in terms of productivity, the lack of some basic features (such as a simple GREP) fuel my urge to take another look at ID.

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quark vs indesign

Post by Jake-K » 24 Mar 2010, 08:59

I've used Quark for 7 years and was very hesitant to learn or switch to InDesign. As experienced Quark user, change was hard to make. Until one day, I decided to experiment and play with the program. The more I explored the software the more comfortable I became. The fact that is made by Adobe, it makes it so exciting to jump back and forth between Illustrator, Photoshop, and Flash. I like the compatibility where you can drag and drop objects from Illustrator to InDesign and still maintain the ability to edit the graphic. For instance, you can copy vector shapes from Illustrator and paste it into InDesign. Then, one can edit the anchor points and change the color of the graphics as needed. I do that quite often with vector logos. That's one of the many good features ID offers. I've been very happy with InDesign and it's been about six years since my switch. Again it's a matter of comfort. It doesn't hurt learning a new program such as ID. Change is good.

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quark vs indesign

Post by eyoungren » 24 Mar 2010, 09:21

Still don't like ID. But that's mainly from the interface perspective. Don't like Illy as I am a Freehand fan. Photoshop is about the only program from Adobe I really care for.
I have both CS4, CS2 and ID 2.0. Each app has gotten progressively worse with the GUI. There's lots of stuff I like that ID does, but not enough to solidly force a change on me yet.
Incidentlly, QXP 8.x imports AI files and you can also create shapes in XPress 8.x now from imported images with paths.

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quark vs indesign

Post by s.caaty » 24 Mar 2010, 23:58

Jake-K wrote:I've used Quark for 7 years and was very hesitant to learn or switch to InDesign. I've been very happy with InDesign and it's been about six years since my switch. Again it's a matter of comfort. It doesn't hurt learning a new program. Change is good.

Now I understand why you are back in the forums:
Next year you are planning to switch back to Quark.

You are right, change is good!



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quark vs indesign

Post by acook » 05 Nov 2010, 08:40

I hate to revive an age-old debate, but I have some questions:
My firm has worked in Quark for years. Our major project is a 1000 page text book that is republished each year. We've looked at migrating to InDesign several times in the past but have always decided to stay with Quark.
Now, however, we're pursuing publishing this book both in print and in digital format for e-readers like Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader, (and iPhone, Droid, etc.). Quark 8 at this point does not support publishing in .epub or .mobi, the two most common e-book formats. InDesign has these features built in. I personally don't know that waiting for Quark to integrate this option is worth it for us. Any thoughts? Anyone else who has used these features in InDesign?

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quark vs indesign

Post by Harold_Medina » 05 Nov 2010, 09:24

Nice thread.
If the question is which program is superior over the other, then this thread will have a thousand replies, as both programs has it's pros and cons. It doesn't hurt to learn new things (except the cost of course), in fact, that's what I love most, but you don't have to totally migrate to ID if the reason is "InDesign is going to beat out of Quark." The competitions are great and to the user-end advantage. I am using Quark for more than 10 years, started from v4, and I'm using InDesign when it 1st released in CS. I used both programs and I don't think of dropping one off. If I think a project workflow works better in Quark, then I'll stick with Quark. If it is better than ID, then, I'll do inID. I rely mostly on ID on highly design projects. But that doen't mean, ID has the edge on highly design books. It just works for me. The bottom line is, as the user learned from both product, the user will decide what fits best.
-- H

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