Other forums have company experts

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Other forums have company experts

Post by ethel » 29 Jul 2004, 12:55

I dont mean to whinge
its a sad state of affairs when we just huddle in a place where were desperately trying to support the ailing beast ON OUR OWN.
So come on Quark :wink:
We must still have some love for you, after all we pays our money - give a little back.

Other Online support forums have online experts who very often respond before the user experts.

for instance when Markzware went OSX they had troubles - the forums went mental but they have a response to everything and are well on the road to recovery.
I just dont like the feeling of shouting into the dark

whose with me!!!

oh :(

Amit Sharma (Quark)
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Other forums have company experts

Post by Amit Sharma (Quark) » 30 Jul 2004, 11:51

Hi Ethel, I am from quark, and I am most willing to help you out. You can post your query or you can send me a private message.

Amit Sharma
Quark Tech. Support

J Talmadge
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Other forums have company experts

Post by J Talmadge » 30 Jul 2004, 15:55

Way to go Amit...nice to have you here. Thanks!

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