Music on the sofa

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Music on the sofa

Post by rdesranleau » 02 Jul 2004, 15:15

Start with In Our Gun (2nd to last album, very quirky, pop-rock...immediately loveable)

If you like that, go back to the beginning (Bring It On). Winner of the Mercury Prize in England (UK's Grammy). Literally recorded in a garage.

Then (if your still with us) get "Liquid Skin" (their 2nd album and my personal fav). Much more challenging but worth listening to (recorded mostly at Abbey Road and shows what they can really do with professional stuff) REALLY NEEDS TO BE LISTENED TO WITH HEADPHONES also utilizes some highly unconventional recording techniques.

Next is Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline (a collection of B-sides and live recordings). Even the stuff that didn't make it to the albums is brilliant.

Lastly get their latest, Split the Difference. This album is stripped down rock and roll that, like Liquid Skin, requires headphones to get the full efect . This album just came out and may soon become my favorite. FIVE of the tracks have been recorded in a single take.

I saw these lads (they're from Brighton) live three times allready and will be seeing them again in August (best concerts ever). They 're all under thirty (got signed at 19) but their sound has a sophistication way beyond their years.

If you want to know what they sound like, I can't tell you because every song is different (they have 3 lead singers and all contribute to the writing and arrangements).

Every one I turned them onto (every one except my a-hole brother who likes the dixie chicks) have come back to thank me for it.

Thanks for listening

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Music on the sofa

Post by rdesranleau » 02 Jul 2004, 18:31

Okay if anyone is still listening, b4 the long weekend -- go to I-tunes and download "We don't know where we're going". It's off Gomez's latest album and has a tremendous "Holy Sh*t" factor to it when you consider that it was recorded in a single take at an unheated, no AC recording studio behind a petshop somewhere in england. 6 musicians (that makes up the total of Gomez) all playing (bass, lead guitar, rythm g. drums, percussion, piano) and the 3 lead vocalists harmonizing their brand new song live...who the hell is brave enough to do this these days?

The song totally rocks btw.


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Music on the sofa

Post by rdesranleau » 03 Jul 2004, 13:42

OOPS! I totally f'd up! the name of the song I mentioned above is NOT "We don't Know Where We're Going" (which is not recorded live and sounds alot like Smashing Pumpkins/Metallica) but the similarlly named "[u:ffb70edd50]Where Ya Going[/u:ffb70edd50]"!

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Music on the sofa

Post by ethel » 21 Jul 2004, 11:20

Nice thread
personally i only come to work to charge my ipod
and play with my playlists

Amen andrews - Vol 1 - 5
Amon Tobin - out from out where - supermodified
Aphex Twin - Drukqs- i care because you do - richard d james album
Asian Dub Foundation - enemy of the enemy
Boards of canada - music has the right to children - geodaddi
Captain Beefheart & the magic band - trout mask replica
Funkstrung - appetite for disctruction
Global Communication - 76 14
Jimi Tenor - higher planes
London Funk Allstars - Flesh eating disco zombies from mars
Mouse on Mars - Glam - Niun Niggung
Mm - Finally we are no one
My Bloody valentine - loveless
Pixies - Bossanova - doolittle - surfer rosa (& the amps)
Squarepusher - do you know squarepusher - go plastic
& a bit of
Pj harvey, Broadcast, stereolab, venetian snares, wagon christ and -ziq

Im lovin it

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Music on the sofa

Post by JayMaxwell » 23 Jul 2004, 14:52

I love 'what's playing" threads on bulletin boards.

I've got on a Dave Matthews Band concert from their summer 98 tour. Deer Creek, first night to be exact.

After that it'll be time for some vintage Dead circa 1973.

Any music traders on the sofa?

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