Quark 6 vs. In design

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Quark 6 vs. In design

Post by dttype » 02 Aug 2004, 16:54

My goodness, what tempers. I'm only sharing my story - that it won't print on my system after a number of days troubleshooting. It's simply more effort than I am willing to give it. This thread started with someone asking the pro's and con's of switching to InDesign. I'm giving them my argument as to why I was forced to switch.

All I'm saying is that Quark 6 doesn't work for me here and since inDesign does, that's why I have to go with it. That's IT. That's all I meant. I can only print from InDesign; I can only print from quark if I make a .pdf. I never had Quark problems before; it's always been virtually problem free. I could print to any of my postscript printers. Since I can't make the upgrade work without a workaround, the decision ended up made for me.

The person who started the thread said they are thinking about moving to OSX along with the Quark jump, so I was pointing out that it does take more work to troubleshoot problems -- pre-OSX methods (from printing utilities and prefs to font management) no longer apply. Plus Quark's settings have to be just so. Lots of variables.

So with the OS making troubleshooting more difficult (cause I don't know it like I knew the OS9 and before), it's way hard for me to fix so I've given up. I'm not blaming the OS. I do blame Quark as many of us do. Should they fix this thing so I can use it, I will reconsider. Until then, I have to go the easier route.

I'm a Mac user since 1989. I will always be a Mac user. Idon't even know how to turn on a PC. It's just way harder now to troubleshoot. I had to upgrade my printers, too, to be able to work w/ a new G5--yet more variables.

Linda, certainly if your clients need you to use QXP, your decision was made for you. You have to make it work. Since I have no clients, I don't. Quark works for you and that's great. I meant no harm in misquoting you by using the words "hand out" rather than "license." I thought I was paraphrasing. There are clearly nuances there I am not aware of. I'm sorry I used the words "Quark defender." If I used a word here you believe is inappropriate, misused, misinterpreted or misquoted, I'm sorry in advance.

To the person who originally asked what the pro's and con's are of switching: it depends on your setup and your patience. I have recently retired from a magazine; we stayed w/Quark when we went to OSX, too, as a great many ads in our magazine came as Quark files and our workflow was so used to it. It worked fine on our HP PS level-2 network printers, after a couple days of pulling our hair out. Unfortunately, none of the solutions there worked for me here as I had anticipated.

Best of luck to all of you.

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Quark 6 vs. In design

Post by Orlie » 09 Aug 2004, 09:15

Hi All,

Please go through the following link by Seybold which makes a good comaprison. Alos, see QuarkXPress leads at times :

http://www.seybold365.com/press/sf2003/ ... ootout_wed

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Quark 6 vs. In design

Post by willmark » 09 Aug 2004, 13:51

Disregarding the non-scientific nature of the applause-O'-meter lets look at the results of this monstrosity of an article.

Xpress presented challenges won: 2
Xpress presented challenges lost: 1

InDesign presented challenges won: 3
InDesign presented challenges lost: 0

Ties: 1

So in other words InDesign beat Xpress in every one of the challenges they offered up and beat Xpress in one that they offered up. Me, personally, I dont think its that close, but to each his own.

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