Long Live Quark Xpress!

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Long Live Quark Xpress!

Post by johnsset » 13 Jun 2004, 06:06

I haven't tried it out myself (though I'd really like to download a trial version of IDCS... is it available?), I've HEARD that there's an option in the IDCS prefs that allow all the keyboard commands to emulate that of Quark 4.1


How ingenious, Adobe. SMART.

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Long Live Quark Xpress!

Post by Ira » 14 Jun 2004, 09:32

The writing's on the wall for Quark, and it's in Indian.

How do you say, "Quark, you guys are the worst" in THAT language!?

Jim Oblak
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Long Live Quark Xpress!

Post by Jim Oblak » 14 Jun 2004, 10:42

Doesn't Quark's competition also use Indian employees? Outsourcing is the norm these days. Blame company management or the program itself, not a geographic region.

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Long Live Quark Xpress!

Post by CShock » 15 Jun 2004, 12:02

Having left Quark behind at 4.1 and switched to ID at the 1.0 release I can tell you I am happy I made the switch! Not only could I use the Quark keyboard shortcuts, but because I'm a windows user I could finally get 300 dpi prints of my non postscript Epson printer! (a workflow that Quark never considered supporting)

Document conversion while not flawless generally is pretty good for legacy 4.1 documents (there are some text flow issues because of Quark's single line composer vs. Adobe's multi line composer)

The best things about ID are

1.The Glyphs palette! No more sticky notes pasted to the monitor with character map addresses (alt+0169 for copyright symbol.) Now I just open the glyphs palette and double click on the symbol and it's inserted!

2. Support for unicode fonts and OpenType fonts! Unicode support for both legacy and OpenType is superior to Quark's standard type engine! I never knew I had so many dingbats and other things hiding in my fonts without unicode support!

3. Direct importation of Microsoft Word and Excel Tables! Whoo HOO!! Never again will I have to rebuild a table from scratch in Quark. In ID I place the table and start to make it look nice in seconds!

4. NO MORE CLIPPING PATHS!!! AGAIN NO MORE CLIPPING PATHS! With ID if I use the magic wand, the extract tool, alpha channels, etc in Photoshop. I can bring these files over in native format to ID and use them to create
transparency inside the document! This alone is worth the price of admission!
(and I don't have to pay extensis $300.00 for the privilege! It's included with the ID software!!!!!)

5. Never having to re-edit my Photoshop document to place a drop shadow or feather! Drop shadows inside the ID application saves time, frustration and effort!

6. Direct PDF that are perfect every time! Haven't had one fail in the last 2 years! (And I send PDF's to the printer almost every day!) And I don't have to be hooked to a postscript printer to make a PDF!

7. Adobe Technical Support--Both Phone and Forums! Based in the US and they really know their stuff! They don't blow you off when you tell them you are using their software on a Windows system!

I could go on and on but try it for your self. 30 day trial fully functional at adobe.com

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